Step-by-step instructions for replacing small FFC cable

Hi all.
I need some help here, hoping support or someone can provide that.

Just recently, my UpBox+ has been returning the “platform too hot error”, after several minutes of printing. This happened once before and seemed to have corrected itself, however, now the error is persistent. At the time of the previous error, I searched the Tiertime Forums, and found consensus that the small FFC cable could be bad, so I ordered couple of them, and have them ready to go this time.

However…I can’t seem to find enough instructions about how to physically open the enclosure (I mean in detail, like which screws to remove, and from where) to get to the end connections of the small FFC cable. I can see the end connection on the underside of the build plate, but the other end disappears into the front of the plate assembly, and I can’t tell how to reach that connection. I don’t want to start unscrewing anything and everything, willy-nilly, and hope I can get where I want to reach, and then put it all back together correctly…! I’m looking for the correct, least complicated method of replacing that cable.

Can anyone provide me with some kind of guide or a video showing how to perform the disassembly?

I love my UpBox+ (I had an original UpMini before this), and this is so frustrating. I have a couple of projects underway which need 3D printed components, so resolving the issue as quickly as possible is critical now.

Please, can anyone help me with this?
Thank you.
Steve Goldberg

Hi, I found this link FCC cable upgrade

which addresses your problem and may be of help with the dis-assembly.

Good luck!

Thanks Yeovil. The video wasn’t much help about disassembly. I reached around, wiggled and pressed in the end connectors, restarted, and everything’s been groovy. I hope to always have it be so, even though I have the replacement cable. Like bringing an umbrella to make it not rain…! Steve