Spool holder

Are there any instructions out there for how to assemble the spool holder? I can't even find a picture of what it should look like after it has been assembled.

This is how I built it

Use the L pieces with the set screws in the slots of the bars included. These will allow you to connect the bars together in the configuration in picture. 


lol unfortunately no. But it's pretty easy. The 2 longest pieces should be connected into a T shape with 2 L brackets connecting them securely on the left and right bottom. Then 1 smaller piece goes on the bottom to make another small T so it will stand then the 2nd small piece goes on top-ish. Here is a quick model I made to show you what it looks like. I'm at work so I cant show the real thing lol


I understand the concept of the L brackets and grub screws. I was just trying to figure out the proper configuration of the parts.

Thank you.

I think I have it now but not sure if I'm going to use it. Seems like it's possible for the reel to work its way off the end which would be a bad thing. I will probably have to design something that would attach and have an end stop that may even make easier for the reel to spin.

Someone has already designed and shared a spool adaptor for this for those looking for using the spool holder.  I didn't make it just passing it along to those you might want it.


@CyberHugger: I actually did something like that, but since you can't search these forums it's hard to find.



If you're using the included parts, I've found this layout to be more stable 


than the one in the instructions....




Thanks for the tip. I set mine up very similar to yours. It is more stable in this way. I added the tip from the instuctions and put it on the underside. It seems to help retain the spool better without being in the way while mounting it.