Some suggestions for Cetus3D software

Brambo 2017-1-23 12:37 edit

Hi Cetus,

Overall, I'm very happy with the Cetus software, it works like it should, and produces very good prints. One minor thing is that the surface fininsh on the bottom of a print with a raft is not that great, but I'm not sure if that is fixable... I was used to printing on a glass surface so that gave extremely smooth results...

anyway, here are some small suggestions based on my experience with the cetus 3d software:

-Remove most of the 'are you sure you want to...' message, these do not seem neccesary. Specially for initializing and removing a model from the printbed, these are really annoying and I don't see the use of those. It's not like I would accidently click on delete, or accidently click on initialize printer (and so what if I did?) please please remove it, or make an option like 'never ask again' for each of these messages

-Place the list of materials that you can define under settings, and not under maintanance in the list of materials. It makes more sense to have a seperate button in the settings menu to look at and adjust the list of materials, instead of having a 'customize' option in the list itself

-The free-view rotation is kind of hard to orient. If I try to move the view around my objects I usually end up with the print bed upside down and whatnot, it behaves kind of strange, and different from other 3d printing software 3d views. Perhaps it would be easier if you could just rotate around it and zoom in and out, with the bed always staying in the 'up' orientation if you know what I mean. See screenshot 

-Improve the wifi-searching of the printer. I still haven't been able to connect to my wifi. There are lots of wifi's in my area and it seems to find sort of a random list of wifi's of neighbours, but mine is never on this list. 

-Improve the raft function. If you place objects near to each other, it tries to print rafts over each other (without a warning), which results in ticking sounds in the extruder. And since you don't see the rafts directly when you place objects, its kind of a trial and error to get objects close, but not too close to eachother on the print bed.


For the rest I found printing with Cetus a very pleasant experience! Keep up the good work!

Also... I had to re-tighen the screws on the motor of the extruder, since they were coming lose (I saw the motor moving up and down during retractions). Perhaps look into that at QA during assembly. these screws were difficult to reach, you can't tighten them with the supplied tools because there is not enough room, so you don't want your customers to have to do this... I have a special sawed-of version of a hex tool for tight areas, but I guess most people don't have that :)

I'd like to "second" a few of your items:

1) Removing most of the dialog messages. I'd love that. One less thing to click.

2) Materials under settings. That would make more sense. I've gotten used to where it is now but it's a bit difficult to access.

3) Regarding the rotation of the models. For me the only thing that's off is the middle mouse scroll wheel. It's zooming in when I think it should be zooming out.

I haven't had the issue with overlapping rafts but if that's an issue, obviously it should be addressed.

I have found a few items myself. Since there are no categories on these forums, I figure maybe all suggestions should be together? At some point someone will likely try compiling a list.

1) I'd like to be able to configure/change/mute the beep. Not only should there be a volume setting (including mute), but the option should be made available to configure which events are accompanied by a beep. I don't know what it's doing when it starts or stops but I could really do without both of those beep sequences. The only beep that is helpful is the one when I've entered a pause height and the head has raised.

2) Since there is the ability to set pause height, maybe there should be a way to inspect layers and their respective heights to determine where such pauses should be placed before printing. I found I need to print one solid model before knowing where I want to insert pauses.

3) Ability to control the amount of filament per extrude/withdraw command in the maintenence panel. The amount that is default could be loaded to a text box where we can edit the amount. I know I need 3 extrude commands to change filament. If I see it default to 20, I can change to 60 and press extrude.

I second the way too hard beeping sounds, that was actually the first thing I noticed on the Cetus that I didn't like, I forgot to mention it. There should be less beeps, or less loud, or even none at all, or have the ability to adjust them as a user (I would turn them all off)

The amount of extrude/withdraw should indeed be something that is changeable. For me, the withdraw seems to be enough, but for the extrude (to load filament) I usually need 2 extrudes, or else there will be some old filament left on the print.

Another issue: when printing the  raft, the extruder has problems keeping up, it starts making ticking sounds and you can see on the bed that it results in underextrusion. It mostly happens on the 'bigger' lines of the raft, the first two layers, but sometimes also the thinner parts. I think it should print the raft a bit slower...