[SOLUTION] Simplify3D "Vertical Calibration"

Hi everyone, my cetus is a pre-production MK1 with a incredible misalign on X axis… in the Up/Cetus software the vertical calibration works ok, but it make gcode almost unusable.


Last night I was able to make a workaround, and, today I come here to share this.


Here are the steps:


1 - Configure the Simplify3d “Layer Change Script” as this:

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 20.00.21.png


2 - Put this content on someware in your computer (mine is on my scripts folder), name it as calibrate.sh

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 20.01.22.png


3- Put this on “Aditional terminal commands for postprocessing”

(remember to adjust the path to point to your script file)

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 20.02.52.png


4 - Play with RATE_X and RATE_Y variables, and print small cubes to test… I’ve managed to get almost perfect prints using this… later I can post some pictures.


If you want, you can execute the script direct pointing to the gcode file ex: “calibrate.sh cube.gcode”.

If you want to use another slicer, I can help adjust the script to it, just send-me a sample of gcode layer change of it.


Thanks People, Amazing prints to everyone !!!


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This is great! Thanks for the info. I'm on Windows 10, is that also possible? I see there can be some differences when you create script files and I'm new to that.

Hi Diego, is there any way to reach you for questions about this method?

<p>mark and learning, thanks!</p>

thanks for sharing, Diego… very clever solution!

Hi, sorry about the long time to answer, I forgot about this forum… you can contact-me on diego.giovany@gmail.com.

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