Slicing preview and printing limited to a part of the height (1/4)


I’m trying to use an Up Mini 2 for the first time. Every thing was ok (calibration, activation, …)
But at my first trial (the sphere included in the Up Studio Software), I noticed that the print preview limited the part eight to a small portion of the eight.
I thought it was only the preview and launched the printing process. The result was a small bottom portion of the sphere.
I tryed to import other 3D objects and the preview is always limited to 1/4 of the total theoretical layer numbers. Eg: I may see the total number of layers calculated by the slicer (eg. 189) but when I open the preview, the number of slices is always about 1/4 of the total layers (48/189 or 36/143 or 108/429).

The software and and the printer seem to be activated.

The preview seems to be limited to 1/4 of the part’s heights. Please could you find an explanation about this limitation?

Best regards


I found the problem source. When using the software on Mac Os, you also have to activate the software by importing the “TierTime.LKD” file in the software. I don’t know the utility of this step because this file is provided directly in the software download package.

But after importing the file, the limitation of 1/4 of slices has been removed and I may print the whole models now.

I hope it may help someone because it was difficult the find the trick.