Slicer takes strange paths

Why does the slicer make some really odd paths when printing? Something that looks fine in the software, then when it comes to print it stops mid-layer goes to the other side of the part then backfills the layer, then leaving a join right in the middle of the layer. Why not just print a layer from one side to the other in one go?

@Jason-TT New slicer when…?

same layer in upstudio

the print reality…

Have you checked your mesh, there could be internal surface causing the slicer to do that.

So why does it show the layer fine in the slicer then when it comes to print the layer is printed in sections!?

The slicer shows two sections which manifest in the print. I’d examine the model if this happens to me.

I don’t think my question was understood correctly…

The slicer is showing it one continuous section 1

Then the print stops about 1/2 way across the layer, starts from the other side and backfills the layer, why doesn’t it just start in one corner and work its way across? this seems like time-wasting movement and also makes the print look rubbish!

Cura does that too, so does ideaMaker… they each have their own algorithms. It’s math, and I won’t be able to explain that. :smiley: