Skipping gears & Motion System Error

Yesterday I did a print on the fast quality setting which came out fine. The next print of the same stl shifted mid print to one side. So I power cycled the printer and re-printed without issue. \

Today I tried printing more of the same stl + a different one. Every print has skipped gears and shifted. After searching the forum I found the suggestion to slow the printing down. I am now printing on the normal setting but it is still shifting. This isn’t a thin walled or small print, it has walls and 13% fill. I did try power cycling today but it hasn’t helped.

So after the last failure I power cycled and decided to auto-level the bed. On my first attempt the print head was way off and missed the metal tab. The screen displayed Motion system error. I again power cycled, initialized, and this time I was able to auto-level the bed. So I re-start my print and now in the middle of the raft layer the print head has gone way over to the left, hit some failure, and again the screen is displaying Motion system error.

I am using an UpMini2 and Up Studio 2.6.5 on macOS 10.15.4

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Check the belts and pulleys of x and y axis, see if anything abnormal.

Nothing out of the ordinary. There were a few small pieces of filament in the bottom of the case but otherwise everything appears normal. Moving the bed and print head manually the tracks feel fairly smooth. Neither are catching or getting stuck at any point.

small update: when I was looking at the belts I noticed the bench I have the printer on is not level. I adjusted the printer to be much closer to level, and am now attempting the previous prints again. So far so good. I am 40% of the way through without issues. :crossed_fingers:

Spoke too soon, around 44% it tripped up and started printing offset again. Something is still borked

I found something!

After that last print failure I thought it’d a be a good idea to do a manually calibration.

First two spots no issues, when the print head moved to the third point (back right side) I heard the gear skip / grind noise. Reexamining the belt system I found the spring clip on the belt is scraping the plastic housing the end post.

Here is a picture where it is scrapping.

What options to have to resolve this?

move the clip a smidge to the right and check if it still clears on the far side?

I can def do that but that seems like a short term fix.

What could have happened to cause the belt limiter to be in the wrong spot? How do I make sure it doesn’t happen again?

for it to have move you’d have to have a crash that causes the belt to skip as opposed to the motor skipping methinks; which is unlikely, but at the end of the day you can move it, or try to force the belt to skip a few teeth on the drive pulley back the other way.

Its not a limiter, its a “tensioner”, which only adds springiness to the system.

Thanks for the clarification. I am going to move it over a tiny amount.

come to think of it when it happened to my X axis, it was because the idler gear was falling appart, causing the belt to be too loose; but I think the Y axis belt should be a more solid construction - but maybe do check the belt tension.

Still no go.

I slid the tensioner over ~2mm and did a manually calibration. No issues at that point. So I started the same print I have been trying for the last few days. Seems about half way through it shifted again.

I am using default print settings (including the normal quality / speed).

which version of up studio, i found that after 2.5 they increased the unconfigurable “jump” speed to a level the up mini 2 couldn’t keep up with. think i had some success with the very latest version, but not sure what caused the latest failure. kinda not using the machine until the next catfish is out (by end of april:P)

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I am using the latest version.

I saw those messages about some people saying they had success going back to 2.5. I guess I can try that. I also use the iPad client, maybe worth a try…

I feel like in the year or so I have owned this I have had a handful of successful prints and an overwhelming number of failed prints. I am not sure if this is how 3D printing is and no one talks about it or the Up Mini is just a piece of shit. The whole thing has been really disheartening

to get a true plug and print experience you’ll probably have to add a 0 or two to the price tag, but I’ve had less hassle from cheaper machines than the Up, so yeah, a little bit of both…

support seems have pretty high standard deviation on service provided, to try and sound less harsh…