Simplify 3D does not recognize port and will not connect

I would like to use Simplify 3D to run my Cetus3D but after install simplify 3D does not connect and wont show or let me adjust the port.


Any help would be sweet.

I think Simplify3D is only supported though exported gcode.

It would be really essential to provide Simplify3D direct connection even if it's only on the serial/USB port. The S3D is configurable enough to handle the special commands required by Cetus3D.

I've just ordered my Cetus and I'm just now (sadly) realized that Simplify3D support is not real. Honestly, I'm a little bit disappointed, but I trust in the developers they will solve this missing point very soon :)


I'd like to ask developers to focus on this topic because many users prefer Simplify3D (or another well-known slicer).


Thanks in advance!

Screenshot (4).png

Does this mean it has be fixed or that Simplify3D is incorrect? I'm looking into the software to try and fix the .2mm clicking issue, the $150 price tag has me concerned. Thoughts?