Silly newbie question

Hi All.

How do I remove filament from the printer? I went to the menu that lets you load, and I hit the button next to it (I forget what it's labeled) and it did heat up the hot end, then retract the filament. I could tell that the filament was no longer under the machine's control, but I couldn't get it to come out either, it was free for about 1/2" up/down movement, but it wouldn't come out of the extruder. I didn't want to try pulling it out with lots of force for fear of breaking something, so I'm wondering, did I do something wrong? Do I just need to use more force to pull out the filament? or what?

Thanks for any help!


once you hit the retract button it will heat ip then start retracting. inlike to gently pull on it while it retracts until you can freely pull the filment all the way out. if uou dont oull it out there ould still be a bit stuck at the hot end. Eother extude it again then retract to hopeully fix this minor issue. you can slo try another retract and pull fently to see if it comes loose. 

sorry for all the typos typing on my phone sucks!

Thanks! Once I extruded it before trying to retract it, it came right out!