Shipping from USA locations

Was about to place an order for 6 nozzles (weighing just a few ounces) in the Tiertime Store and the shipping from the USA location was $19.72 for UPS Ground, which could take up to a week. There’s not much value in paying that much when USPS can go for $3-8 with faster shipping. Anybody else have this issue with paying way too much for shipping in USA? I ended up ordering from China because it was only $6 (albeit longer time to ship).

The shipping cost is outrageous. You would think Tiertime would want to support their customers and provide reasonable replacement costs.

The other frustrating thing is there is no way to talk to anyone about ordering parts. I’ve left 3 voice-mails messaged them on Facebook and their ebay store with no response. I wonder if they are going out of business?

I ordered parts from Tiertime and specified US location, but they sent them from China anyway. Blamed it on covid!

That’s funny. I ordered nozzles again from China and they shipped from USA.