Setting are grey

I really try hard to learn upstudio but I must say that for me it is a bad slicer hope it will get better.

How do I change these settings ? or for that matter all settings there are grey also if I made a new material.

also temp setting if I make my own profile dont change… This slicer suck big time and got a half broken printer. some parts are shipped from Tiertime but did not get an answer about all the ohter things like Y axis if so loud it can be heard all over the house. Extruder still gives problems with jams. if I stop the printer and want to start it again the SD card cant read so turn off and all over again. Yes I did try another SD card also yes did try to format it.

Hello TPjensen.
I don’t know why your settings are greyed out, but could you help with temperature settings, which is a bit sick in UpStudio 3. From my experience, standard materials can’t be altered, or the alteration isn’t taken into effect. Create new material based on the standard one - PLA mod based on PLA in my case, modifify everything you need.

The other quirk is when you edit your material which was already used. The printer stores it’s list of known materials by ID and seems this has precedence. So go to Wand (printer manager), select OTHER material (allows removal of previously selected material), then select edit material from the material combobox (not exact terminology, writing from head) and remove your modified material from list of known materials. That way the printer forget everything about your material and after that uses (and remembers) the updated UpStudio 3 custom material preset on next print.

Don’t forget to select your “PLA mod” material from the material list in top bar of UpStudio before slicing and don’t mind the “no matching parameters” information. Seems that the slicer has some optimization for PLA and this is rather “print on your resposnsibility” warning when custom material is in use.

Step by step setup was written by some other cetus user on Photography, Horology, and Audiophilia - The road to nirvana