Set nozzle height everytime?

Hi everybody!

I have a question for you about setting the nozzle height. Do I have to set it everytime I turn off the printer or just the first time?

And do I have to do it everytime I change the nozzle (for example I change from 0.4 mm to 0.2 mm)?

Thank you!

jene 2017-4-4 00:46 edit

in my personal opinion, probably we don't need to calibrate every time.

I have printed many models, but, I just calibrate it occasionally.  it is convenient.

( sometimes I could need to recaliblate it when the conditon is bad.)

I just calibrated 0.2mm nozzle. then, I changed from 0.2mm to 0.4mm .

as a result,  there is no problem so far. 

I have changed my nozzles a lot and was calibrating always. But the value was always the same so far. Now Iam not calibrating anymore if I change nozzles.

I actually have to check nozzle height/calibrate every time. For some odd reason my Cetus is changing the nozzle height by +/- 1-2mm. I drove the nozzle into the bed a few times before I started calibrating before each print.

All is assembled well, the bed is not going anywhere (initially i though something is lose).

Anyone else having the issue?

Yes I do and I'm very disappointed!!! EVERY time I set the height before any print job it end that the nozzle at the beginning of the printing process live a mark on the bed, then I stop the process re do the calibration and add some 0,5/1 mm to the previous distance and again whe is time to print tha fxxxing nozzle goes back crashing on the bed... I must said that except for this strange issue I'm satisfied with the printing quality but spending time in this wierd procedure every time I start printing really piss me off! Please some of the 3D printing guru show off now.


For all people who have to recalibrate nozzle height everytime, please contact support, we may able to help you.

cyberhugger 2017-11-3 15:01 edit

I wonder if the limit switch at the top of the z-axis is loose which would cause the zero point at the top to vary. It's also possible that your z-axis belt is loose and may slip a tooth once in a while. Then there's the ever popular missed step but if you're actually driving the nozzle into the bed it would need to miss a lot of steps to get that bad.