Set IP address inside the software for VPN connection

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I tried to get my device (UP 300) work through VPN tunnel to get a connection from my home office. I can reach the device with a ping(pong) but it doesn’t show up on the software.

The device discovery won’t work because a broadcast will not go through the transfer network from the ssl tunnel. Sure thing … it’s the property of the broadcast don’t hit every attached network.

In my opinion the only way of getting the connection to the printer is to make the network settings manually like IP address, subnet, gateway and so on.

Is there any way to set the IP address manually inside the software (now or in future)?
Any type of configuration or a config file or anything?

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as far as i know it will only work with a bridged vpn, not a routed one - meaning you need to be on the same subnet.

there were some talk of a proxy solution on the old fourm, but no specifics were posted so not much help

Thanks for the Information.
Unfortunately bridged VPN is not an option.
Would be so easy if the software had network settings for the device. Maybe in Future…

don’t hold your breath, even the new beta slicer, catfish is still dependant on broadcast or mDNS/DNS-SD so will only work on the same subnet.

could a workaround be to use remote desktop/vnc/teamviewer to a computer on the same subnet as the printer?