Selliing my Cetus3D MK3 Standard with heatbed upgrade and auto-leveling probe [Berlin, Bermany]]

I’m selling my fully functional Cetus3D MK3 Standard with the heatbed upgrade installed and the original accessories.

Ideally for pickup in Berlin, Germany, but I can also ship it, throughout Europe preferred.

Following mods/extensions are installed:

  • heatbed upgrade
  • extension board
  • z-axis stabilisation mod (ringing practically non-existent)
  • silent Noctua 40x20 5V part cooling fan (replacing the original, that is still included)
  • auto-leveling probe

Also included:

  • Improved spool holder using 4 x 608 bearings to ensure minimal friction and a filament guide
  • Lots of little parts / screws etc.
  • Several print bed sheets: 1 x Pertinax (FR-2 - for smooth matte finish), 2 x perforated (one used, one new), 1 x glass (3 mm),1 x (original alu coated - new),1 x (original alu coated - used)
  • 220 W PSU for the heatbed upgrade

I’m looking to sell for ca. 500 Euro, DM if you’re interested.

Update: SOLD

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