SD Card Holder

<p>Yesterday a test print stopped after about 1,5h (of 3h) - in the middle of the operation with the the nozzle resting on the object.</p><p>Fortunately I was in the room and could immediately switch the printer off before something more severe could have happened. My tests and investigation showed that apprently the print file couldn’t be read anymore. So I thought the SD card was somehow damaged - but after some trials to talk to it, I opened the mainboard cover and it turned out that the card had escaped from its holder.</p><p>How can that happen - I never touched the SD card before, so I think either the holder itself (which comes with a locking feature!) is buggy and spits the card out after a while … ??? OR the card wasn’t pushed in to its locking position when the printer was assembled.</p><p>Why did I post the story here? I think the manufacturer should have an eye on that because I found quite some complaints by other Cetus users who ran into the same issue with loose SD cards. So either the SD card hold or the assembly process / quality check has to be improved. Another suggestion: Have a slot in the case where the SD card sits and thus the user can have an eye on it, remove/re-install the SD card himself (an opportunity to make a copy of the SD card (remark: I haven’t found something in the software to create a backup of the configuration files of the SD card?).</p>

thanks for sharing. Will have a look on mine when I open the case the next time.