Schedule for firmware fixes/updates

Is it possible to get a schedule on when the next firmware for this model is coming out? The last one was a disaster, and everyone who attempted the upgrade either ended up with a broken printer, or like me, ended up with their printer failing a lot, and screwing up all the records, such as used filament and filament remaining.

How soon are the fixes expected out? And is there a recommended workaround in the mean time?

Hi Cj,

We have solved the UP300 touchscreen issues, The update the touchscrenn program on hardware and firmware, The latest version program 1.4.8 is stable after we tested, But if you can not upgrade the program to 1.4.8 due the the frozen of the screen or stucked in cloud icon, Please contact to get a new touchscreen , The new touchscreen and updated with 1.4.8 can solve the problems you have met.


Trying out 1.4.8 now - Didn’t notice it until you mentioned because the updates section of your website still links to 1.4.7 as the latest stable - You might want to correct that -


Hi David,

Thank you for your reminding,We will update the website soon.