Sand / grind build plate

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I guess its not really recommended, but did someone grind/sand the build plate? I bought a used Cetus, loving it so far, really, but the build plate shows some rests of earlier prints that kind of seem to have "burned" into the build plate. They cant just be removed by pulling them off.

So the question is: can I sand them away, or will I definitely break the magic coating, making it unuseable?

Thanks in advance!

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Those remnants of earlier prints regularly occur and as far as I can tell are normal. If you print with a raft they don't affect the print at all. I wouldn't recommend grinding the bed as replacement beds are available directly from Cetus both coated and uncoated at a very reasonable cost

I went, IPA, very light sanding, Acetone, new 10 pack of beds... once it's gone, it's pretty much gone, moving models around is your best bet.. Though, on old, dead beds (heated) I am having quite good results printing ABS with a 'Mod Podge' coating.. it's currently a one off print, and the cleanup is a real pain, maybe needs baking..? :)

Thanks for your replies. I might try cleaning it with hot air, will see. I really would like to print without raft every now and then..

Easiest would of course be ordering a new one, also my first choice. But given the shipping costs to Germany this unfortunately is a very expensive solution and not really worth it. It's such a pitty that the printer or spare parts are not available in Europe:-(

It would be interessting to know what the coating material is, perhaps we can renew it if we know the material.