Sample filament with package works great, but nothing else does

I just got my Cetus 3D, and was impressed that it printed such great quality right out of the box with the sample orange PLA filament. However, when I tried to use other PLA like PolyLite, the quality was terrible. First I made sure there was a clear path from the filament to the extruder, I tried temperatures ranging from 190-230, I re-leveled the bed, I tried printing with and without the bowden tube, trying different nozzles, and hand-feeding the filament into the extruder. Nothing seems to make a difference. But when I put the sample filament back in, it works fine.

What am I missing here? Why does it only print well with the sample filament?

Dropbox - File Deleted : PolyLite PLA vs Cetus sample PLA
Dropbox - File Deleted : Close up of extruder (bowden tube removed just to see if it would help, which it didn’t.)