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Has anyone had any issues with Cetus personnel lately?

I own two of these printers now. I had a small problem about a month ago, and Cetus support responded to my feedback request from within the Cetus3D application (the icon in the upper right hand corner) within a few hours. I received an email directly from Jason Wu, and then a followup email from someone named Cecelia. Fantastic customer service. Other than that, I have had no issues. My printers run almost 24 hours per day. No signs of wear. The linear rails make it very accurate. It is a very simple design, so there isn’t much to go wrong. I purchased the extended Z axis and the optional heated bed. The Cetus application prints a little slow, but I use Simplify3D (G-Code) for quick prototype prints, and then go back to the Cetus application for finished - near perfect prints. I cannot get Simplify3D to print as well as the Cetus application, but it may be my settings. Just be careful to set the Z axis setting (in the G-Code tab) before printing, or the nozzle will hit the bed. Also, read the documentation on making changes to the Simplify3D Scripts tab (some of the Simplify3D G-Codes are not used). I have only printed with PLA and PETG. The PETG warps a little, even with the heated bed. I clipped the coated bed on top of the heated bed, and only turn it on to get the first layers to stick. I don’t use any other adhesive (tape or tack). I have not received anything from Cetus for this post, but I will probably purchase another Cetus in the near future. I can certainly recommend it - partly because it is a great printer, and partly because of their customer service.

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Purchased the MKII standard a few days ago based on many reviews from various 3d print websites, youtube reviews etc. All reviews noted Tiertime’s customer support as beyond “good” and much closer to “excellent”. I was an original Form1 3d printer pledger in their Kickstarter project, their support was such a pleasure to deal with. Tiertime’s support has not fallen short for me, I was a bit surprised at how fast they respond with a ‘quality tone’ in their support. I have to say their support IS excellent.