Running Multiple UPBOX+'s from a Single iMac

Heya folks,
I’ve got 7 UPBOX+'s (the ones with the old V4 head inside), they’ve been happily running off PC desktop using windows 10.., I’ve been asked to refit to a pair of iMac desktops…
So far I’ve managed to get my 2 test box’s printing the same file from a single iMac, however when I try to load different files on to the 2 box’s they overwrite so the same file is shown on both printers…
The plan was to use a single iMac to run different jobs on up to 4 box’s at once, is that posssible?
At the same time I’ve had issues with the activation LKD files…
I’m running Apple M1chip, 16GB memory & Sonoma 14.4.1 and Up Sudio 2.4.0(554) & the TierTimeV2400.LKD
Any help would be appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

check the settings in the UP Studio software. Also make sure that you’re selecting the correct printer for each job and that the software is configured to manage multiple printers simultaneously.

hope it helps !
Thank you