Ruby Nozzle

Is it possible to use an Olson ruby nozzle on the Cetus?

No you are forced to use the Cetus nozzles for now

90 USD for one nozzle! What is the advantage of using it?

Longevity. I plan on doing a lot of metal.

How long would your proprietary nozzles last with metal?

If they are 90USD you could buy almost 8 Cetus nozzles for every Ruby one.

Why not test the longevity of a Cetus nozzle using metal first? It would give an idea if the expense/hassle/risk was worthwhile.

Im using Ruby nozzles on the rest of my printers, but I'm printing alot of Colorfabb XT-CF and Nylon CF filaments, which wears down a brass nozzle after about 200-300gr of filament. I dont need a Ruby for my Cetus machines, but I would LOVE to see some hardened nozzles from Cetus!

Dear Pauland,

Have you done any test runs for Cetus brass nozzles and abrasive filaments like CF20 types. The rule seems to be around 250gr so one nozzle can barely make it through a small 300gr spool of filament.

Now It's possible to install hardened steel nozzle. Unfortunately :

- You must upgrade heater block

-No ruby nozzle compatible to new setup is still available (but now it is much easier to develop, new nozzles have much simplier design)