REQUEST: Firmware Source under (GPL) & Full support for Simplify3d

mradi 2017-12-16 03:08 edit

Hi Jason,



I would like to request full source disclosure, for the Cetus3D MKii printer under GPL v3.

Base on the Simplify3d profile you put out, it is clear that your firmware base is either Marlin/Repetier/Sprinter.

GPL requires you to publish full source for the firmware you are shipping to the customers.



I am basically requesting this after an unsatisfactory reply from you, on asking for support for calibration to be used with Simplify3d prints as well.

This is your reply and I quote


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Jason Wu, Dec 16, 02:50 CST

you may try to physically level the build plate by adding something between=
the plate and the slider of linear guide.


This is not an acceptable answer, no one can do a 100% accurate calibration manually on the print bed, if the bed is warpped.

In my other post, I have pointed out the damaged and used build plate, which was very uneven.

Luckily I ordered another heated plate, which was not damaged, but still not accurate, hence this post.

Even if it is not, it is nearly impossible. I would recommend a video of you dowing this on a warped, uncalibrated bed live.


Also, as per the license compliance and requirements, you are obliged to release the source code for people to modify and play with.

Please provide complete support for advertised features. How does one print accurate, and complex parts without calibration correction?


I do not want to be blocked by using the propreitary front end, which has multiple issues.





Did you ever receive the source code?

I think not


Any source code to share ?


Sorry our firmware is not based on open source system, we do not have any obligation to provide source code to anyone.

You cannot use Simplify3D to level the machine as in UP Studio, because Simplify3D simply does not have leveling function.