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Hi All,

Anyone with an UP300, please add to this wishlist. We might not see any of this, but it’s worth wishing for - :) Wishes don’t have to be practical… It’s just fun looking at such a cool product and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if it could also do this?”…

Feel free to disagree with my suggestions also.

I’ll start, Please enumerate (add numbers to) each line for others to reference for discussion and continue on from the last number mentioned.

Most of these could be an upgrade to the existing model, so don’t really need to be

  1. An “Off” or “Sleep” button on the front panel, so we can put it to bed at night… Better still if this reduces power consumption slightly ( though they don’t take up much power when not operating ) - But even just turning the front light off would be a good start, and it could wake up on tapping the screen.

  2. A dehumidifier or heater option for the filament cabinet. Since the cabinet is sealed and out of the way, very little would have to be changed to support this - either a “bake the filament” option which raises the filament container temperature to around 80 or 90 degrees for a time, and perhaps even to have a dessicant slot - or put some rice next to the air intake of the hot air blower. This is kind of an advanced idea, but would allow a “prebake” of the filament ahead of using the printer if it’s been unused for some time… Or perhaps just seal the compartment entirely and drop the dessicant from the filament packet in there after loading. This would go a long way towards maintaining filament quality on less-used machines or machines that sit idle for extended periods before going back into operation.

  3. An auto-filament feed in the compartment. Honestly, this is something the UP300 actually needs so I’ll design and make one myself - something that ratchets easily in one direction, but can feed with a one-way bearing, so that I only have to push in the filament in the compartment and it will automatically feed it until about 5cm is protruding from the end of the feed line. Pushing filament into the hole at the top is very hard - there’s no room to work, and I’ve found the compartment often causes the filament to skip and roll around the axle, which will lead to print failure. Wouldn’t it be nice to just lift the filament into the hole, where it is grabbed and automatically fed through?

  4. Filament wipe - A small sponge that clips on to the bottom of the filament line and wipes dirt from the filament if the filament has any dust on it.

  5. Anti-skip fingers - Something that prevents the filement on a new roll from falling off the roll and winding around the axle, “skipping” the roll. That has happened to me often in the past. Could be just about anything that prevents this… I’m not really sure of the best solution.

  6. Bed Pre-heat MANUAL OVERRIDE… Don’t start pre-heating the bed when we hit print… Allow us to do it when we want, and pre-heat the bed while we’re still playing around with setting up the print, deciding on infill and generally preparing things. The bed takes a long time to pre-heat and there’s no reason we couldn’t have a BED PRE-HEAT manual option that just starts it’s baking in the background… Include an auto-off after 30 minutes just in case we forget. 30 minutes is a LONG time to get things ready. The head heats up quickly, so there’s no need for this for the head. ( I know the bed can be pre-heated on print, but a manual override to kick things off would be nice ).

  7. Leave the lights on… I do actually like that they go off, but it would be nice, sometimes, to say “leave the lights on” inside the UP300. I don’t think this should be a default behavior - just an option.

  8. Auto tray changing and stacking for multiple prints… Nah, I’m just kidding about that one. That’s the X5.

  9. Thin wall printing. Because some times you just want a single line of plastic, with no fill. Current minimum wall with the UP300 is about 0.9mm but it would be nice if that could go down to 0.4mm as a special option.

  10. Show layer and MM height on the front panel. Because we’re all impatient and like to watch where things are at… :)

  11. Change print speed interactively from the front panel during print ( is this even possible? ) Like a +/- 50% option.

  12. Coffee cup holder/warmer behind the display… ( OK, maybe not such a good idea that one ).

  13. Onscreen notes from the model -That is, could we embed notes with a model so that when we’re printing, it displays a short note?

  14. Manual setting of the printer IP address for printing outside of the current network segment :)

  15. Being able to see just the support detail or the model detail in the print preview… and being able to manually remove support material from the model ( eg, click on a piece of support material and remove it from the print ). Automatic is great and all, but sometimes you need support but don’t want it everywhere and there is such a thing as “too smart” when it comes to software. UPStudio is a bit too simple.

  16. Model-has-come-loose detection. No idea how you’re going to do this one… But it would be nice to have a “shut down on any problem” -

  17. A tool to clean the print head of burnt material, so it doesn’t flake off onto white models :) ( one guess why I thought of this ).

  18. A wipe at the side of the printer to scrape off any dags prior to printing since they don’t always come off when printing the first strip that it prints to make sure the plastic is ready to extrude.

I’ll think of some more - :)


Cut 'n paste of some I was after:-

Re (16) Model-has-come-loose detection. My Markforged calls this “Dislocation Detection”. I don’t know how they do it, but it works. (This isn’t the expensive one with the built in laser scanner but the cheaper one.) I’d love TT to implement this.

New (19) Filament Jam detection. I’ve been moaning about this for years. My printers never run out of filament (I weigh the roll before printing) but they do jam; frequently. So the filament detection sensor is pointless… All the printer sees is that there is filament present so it air prints for a whole weekend. Personally I’d do it with a rotary encoder so it’s not really a FW request, but I would class it as essential on a serious printer.

New (20) Email notifications. I want my printer to tell me if it has finished or if it detects a problem. That way I can ask someone to go and look at it if I’m not in work.

New (21) Bi-directional GCODE support. I don’t want to use Studio to send GCODE to the printer. I want to use S3D to control the printer start to finish.


Owen S.

It is excellent that Tiertime are asking for requested upgrades. Is there a chance Tietime could reply with what they are considering adding to software etc and a possible timeline?


That would certainly be nice and boost some confidence in the product.
Owen S,

Pretty late to the party but…

Being able to see just the support detail or the model detail in the print preview… and being able to manually remove support material from the model

This is already a feature in Up studio 2. I use it quite often and it is great.

I would love …no LOVE if we could use Bondtech extruders on Tiertime printers.
They are almost indestructible and do not grind the filament. I had one on a pretty average printer which turned it into a pretty reliable one. Please consider this. Your printers would be unstoppable.

I have no idea how you would do it but when the nozzle clogs/filament grinds, be able to go back and start printing from where it failed. If you had Bondtech extruders this would not be needed.

Be able to use Simplify 3d as an option. Up support material settings are still the best I have come across but options are a very good thing.

Bondtech extruders.

Tiertime version of Bondtech extruders


Nick P