Replace Cetus with Bondtech?

Does anyone know if it would be possible to replace the normal extruder with a bondtech setup but still use UpStudio?

you cant change the steps/mm for the extruder , so if they’re different then you’ll need to find other ways to compensate in the material editor.

If you are trying to get the extruder-motor weight, the effects of the extruder-motor vibrations and the additional heat off the y-axis while continuing to use UpStudio… it’s completely doable.

While finalizing my z-axis stabilizer I realized a bowden filament delivery system might not fit well, so I decided to delay the final release of the z-axis stabilizer while I design a mounting system for a bowden type of filament delivery. My bowden setup completely relocates the extruder assembly to the z-axis. The only components left attached to the y-axis linear guide block are the nozzle assembly, the belt assembly and the fan.


Yes you can, use Catfish or the future UP Studio 3, but I doubt it will give any improvement in print performance. We also would not recommend any bowden setup.

If you are thinking of installing a bowden setup on your Cetus a few things to consider…

Running a bowden filament-delivery setup on the Cetus is a huge accuracy upgrade(corners are sharper), BUT it’s NOT a plug-and-play upgrade and requires fine-tuning the filament flow, increasing the speed-of-retraction and the distance-of-retraction events.

The z-axis must be stabilized and the nozzle/hot-end assembly stabilized so there is no movement when retractions happen. The extruder motor will require more cooling so the operating temperature is closer to the max ambient(internal) temperature and the external temp is below 43deg Celsius.

A higher-grade of PTFE tubing is also a requirement and the ID of the tubing should be consistently less than 2mm over the entire length, I’m using 3mmOD x 1.90mmID.

The filament must remain fairly cool until it hits the heat-zone within the nozzle, I’m using an aluminum nozzle stabilizer just above where the nozzle enters the hot-end… in addition to making the nozzle assembly rock-solid the length of the heat-zone is shortened and lowered closer to the hot-end block so the filament remains a solid for a greater distance. When a print-job finishes the fan must continue cooling the upper nozzle until the temperature is below 43deg Celsius…if not, heat-creep will relocate the heat-zone closer to the top of the nozzle creating a crust above the optimum heat-zone area created when the nozzle is at operating temperature with cooling…the crust will block the filament flow.

While it is doable printing with UP Studio 2.xx, the amount and cost of hardware-upgrades required before even using software would outweigh the improvements in print performance. To realize the benefits of a bowden setup a more advanced slicer is required along with above Intermediate experience using 3D printers… and all of the above considerations implemented.