Refund me shit shit

I just contacted my bank insurance lawyer and opened a file againts your compagny to obain a complete refund of this alpha product who don’t do anything promised !

NO other slicer possible

NO dual color without purge tower

NO gcode support

1year late

1screew to maintain a complete head

broken x axis pcb and missing screws on the x axis out of the box

burnt motherboard after 5hours of print ! (and even if it’s my job, i will certenly not thange the motherboard myself !) YOU sent me a crapy thing, it’s YOUR responsability !

Refund me this shit and the shipping ! or it will cost you the refund and also the damages and interests that i will ask foir this fake promises

You promised all this :

Explain us this !

got this

and this ?

and this ?

Bro, my Extruder dont work and they ignoring, dont think they will refund anyone.
I know only for me, i ll take lawyer (i know i will not get my money back, because of Kickstarter rules) but i support this guys, trusting them and try to help them. If they scam us, at least we can stop them sell there products in EU.
Its a shame how they ignoring us!

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I will make same don’t worry,
I already sent documents and proofs to my bank insurance lawyer, and will send all informations to french customs and DGCCRF (organisation who control scams and dangerous products)
This shit is not EU security ready at all … some boards nearly burnt, it can be really easy to ban them from france totally …

I am a cool guy, but when people scam me, send a printer completly different than annouced…

For the fake video showing black and white cube, and the not supported gcode they answered me this :
“To make the color change in the video, this will require a high extrusion amount, eg a thicker layer, as you need control the length of the color transition.
Also the way you setup the print, unlikely to get what you want as the model you shown has no infill, so the small amount of color transition cannot be hidden.
For Gcode support, we will release a tutorial later, it involve setup the config in other slicers.”

So they are 1 year late and gcode support still not implemented … Also the printer absolutly not lokk same than on the advertisement pictures …

Everything is green light for my lawyer to destroy this shitty compagny in France.
And no way, I will do everything to recover all my money and also ask damage … KS or not, they sent a completly different product than the one I paid for … this crap can’t do any purge towerless color change … On the models on the SD card, the purge tower is hidden inside the printed models …

If I want purge tower color change I already have 29 other printers with MOsaic Palette 3 Pro …

Hate compagnies like this, and I will also do everything I can as a french compagny to destroy them in France and don’t let other people buy this crap …

PS : the admin also disabled all personnal messages in this forum to not let us communicate together …

well turning off messaging is really another red flag from this company - if i held off 1 more day from ordering this printer i would have got a Ankermake instead (they released the info 1 day after this popped up on Kickstarter) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: