Red/Black cable to Printerhead?

blob.png Does anybody know what this cable is for (thought it is supposed to be for an aditional fan?)?

I Just calibrated the printer and was up to heat the printhead an feeding it with the filament - but the printer does not exttrude the filament. Any Ideas, someone?


it is just blinking red blue :/


If it reaches the 200+ degrees its just beeping one time - not exttruding and the temperatur falling back again:



if cannot get extruder to turn, please send email to

Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you cannot get the extruder to work, please send a email to

sorry for the inconvenience.

just sent an email :)

The red/black wire is actually a ground wire ( as per a previous note somewhere on the forum). They recommend that you connect it to a metal part/screw on the extruder.

My Cetus doesn't have those extra wires, are they something earlier ones have, or later ones have?


These wires were added in later revisions and in that thread Jason mentioned it's for protection of the mainboard from static charge build-up.