Random Pause in print

I am using the Cetus software and slicer and I just had my printer get to about layer 3 and completely pause, the red/blue light quit flashing and just stayed on red and the printer quit moving or extruding. The cetus software didn't show any errors, just the time left on the print and the status bar. After about 30 seconds or so it just continued the print like nothing happened. The temperature showed up as 98% and the bed was at 34%.

I do not have the advanced print settings on that pause at different layer heights. I had a few random motion system errors with the build plate initilization, but if I reinitialized the printer it would work correctly like it never had the error. I am wondering if this may be a similar issue just showing up mid print.

Has anyone else noticed this or had this issue? If so what did you do to fix it?


The pause is likely due to nozzle temperature is lower than the target temp. If you are setting a higher temperature and somehow the nozzle temp cannot be stable within the range of +/-8C of the target temp, the printing will be paused to let the temp to reach stability and then start again.