Raftless printing on the coated build plate

Has anyone had luck printing raftless on the coated build plate? how about the non-coated ones? If i need to swap it out with a non-coated one and use blue tape I would be ok with that. tired of the project cominging half off and then runs the print. Also, sometimes it is almost impossible to get the raft off.

I print raftless all the time. When you set your start print distance with a piece of paper, they tell you to -.5 then set it. Wprks great for printing with a raft, but will not work for raftess. in the ptint settings, at the Nozzle Offset add back that .5 that you've minuse. Just select .5 and then print. It will stick no problem to the bed. If it's too close, then play with .3 - .5 in the nozzle offset.

So i defiantly need to figure out to level the bed, because it is way off. i rotated it and still the same issue, but overall i had to go lower (from 321 to 328) with the one end no even touching at 330 where it end. this would be the side opposite the arm.

A quick fix that some people have done is using piece of paper cut to a small strip and putting it underneath the build plate to help move up one side or the other. then after it's kinda close, you do the 9 points adjustments to help make sure they are all as even as possible. Let me know if you have any questions.

PS: on the facebook Cetus group, there is a guide written on the CEtus from start to finish and to fixes and upgrades. There should be info on adjusting the build plate with paper or metal washer.

Where is this guide on the facebook page? can you link it please?

It's a closed group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1122442167791001.

vivelle dop extreme,spray coiffant. ca fonctionne tres tres bien :-)

Vivelle dop extreme, styling spray. It works very well :-)