Raft removal difficulty

Using the Cetus3d branded PLA, I had no problem removing the raft from my prints. I’ve found a local shop that has PLA and I’ve tried it. The print actually came out REALLY nice, but the raft is freakin impossible to remove. It took 1 hour to remove the raft from a 3 hour print cleanly without breaking it.

My questions are, what causes this? What can I do to help it? Assuming it’s a temperature issue, how would I change it? I printed it with the heated bed on, should I try without it?


some filaments will remove easier, mostly because of variation in temperature.

This PLA says 205-225. We have no way to control our nozzle temperature but with a 0.06mm nozzle, it seems to go up to 225. With a 0.04 it seems to hit 210.

<p>Does it work if you try a skirt or nothing ?</p>

<p>You pretty much can’t print on these printers without rafts for whatever reason. Skirts are not an option, in the Cetus3D software anyway. I do plan to play with things in Simplify3D but I’m okay with nozzle size for the time being. Having a hard enough time printing ABS on this sucker!</p>

I recently received my Cetus3D II and was having problems with the raft sticking to the model. While it’s still far from easy, I do have a reliable way to remove the raft that doesn’t require too much time.

(1) Ensure the “easy peel” option is checked in the extended printer menu. The menu is not visible by default, so you’ll need to select the “expand” icon at the top right of the window to see it.

(2) Once printing is complete and after removing it from the build plate - no easy task in itself, break away the outer edge of the raft, leaving just the model and and solid raft that’s a little larger than the model itself.

(3) Using the snippers provided, place them tight up against the model’s base and instead of cutting away the raft, twist it off a small section at time. It typically takes 2~3 attempts and then you’ll hear a snapping sound as that section of the raft comes free.

(4) Work your way around the model until it’s completely detached.





<p>And when you do finally get them apart, the raft is smooth as silk while the model feels like coarse sandpaper.</p>

<p>Hey guys,</p><p>I’m running eSun PLA, have a mirror on-top of the stock bed and use green painters tape, I use the stock scraper to smooth the tape surface(the beveled edge against the tape). I’ve been recalibrating the nozzle height when installing fresh tape and it seems to provide a perfect print surface for running PLA.</p><p>Hopefully my experience will help you.</p><p>cheers,</p><p>Brent</p><p>Technology Salad</p>