Raft problem since the last update

Hello everyone,

Since the last update, the raft prints strangely and is very problematic to remove. This raft looks like a lot of hair (very thin thread). I tried to go back to a previous version of UPStudio, but it doesn’t change anything. There must have been an update of the firmware of the UPBOX printer… I specify that the calibration is correctly done. I recalibrated everything before printing the tests in the attached photo by testing different configurations. The UpStudio version used for this test is

I took the opportunity to test the UpStudio 3.1.2 version, but the result is identical…

Does anyone have this problem? How to go back to the old raft which worked fine?

Thanks for your help.

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Bonjour à tous,

Depuis la dernière mise à jour, le raft s’imprime bizarrement et est très problématique à enlever. Ce support ressemble à une multitude de cheveux (fil très fin). J’ai essayé de revenir sur une version antérieure de UPStudio, mais ça ne change rien. Il y a dû y avoir une mise à jour du firmware de l’imprimante UPBOX… Je précise que la calibration est correctement effectuée. J’ai d’ailleurs tout recalibré avant d’imprimer les tests de la photo jointe en testant différentes configurations. La version UpStudio utilisée pour ce test est la

J’en ai profité pour tester la version UpStudio 3.1.2, mais le résultat est identique…

Quelqu’un a ce problème ? Comment revenir à l’ancien raft qui fonctionnait très bien ?

Merci pour votre aide.


Why are you using rafts? its so much better to print without.

Hi. I’m sure it is, but unfortunately, without raft the filament doesn’t adhere to the plates. I don’t know why, but I have never been able to print without raft. Within the first few seconds, the filament comes off, regardless of the temperature of the plate, with both PLA and ABS, so I am forced to use the raft.


For information, my problem is solved. A priori, the problem came from extruding it, because after changing it (I had one as a backup), everything was in order.

Printing without raft is easy if you know hot to :)… like everything…
1: your bed must be leveled and flat. Adjust the bed with screws under the bed
2. first layer must be thick 0.25 mm and path width 0.8mm (upstudio 3 only)
3. print first layer slower (only possible with upstudio 3)
4. adjust Extruder scale until the filament fill the surface completely (after printing one layer try to remove it , if it is easy to remove, try again… )
5. and if this is not enough, buy textured pei sheet on aliexpress + magnet ENERGETIC New Double sided Textured and Smooth PEI Powder coated Spring Steel Sheet Heat bed for Prusa i3 Mk3 3D Printer|3D Printer Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress this stuff is amazing

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It looks nice, but how do you fix it on UP Box ? I think it has to be applied on the flex board. The available dimension are different than UP Box. So you have to cut it to fit. How do you cut it?

Hi draco755,

Can you elaborate further on how you fixed this problem? I have the same problem on mine at the moment.