Raft or no?

Do you advise using a raft with the official cetus build plate?? Or should it work well without?

Raft is always recommended.

Thanks, I have also noticed that with a raft you get more reliable results. In fact, very reliable :). The prints I get so far are absolutly brilliant, specially considering the price of the machine. Very very good layers, beautifull surface finish on the top, no stringing or blobs.... This is probably the best value for money that you can get, I'm really really happy with the machine! I will be posting my first-look video this weekend. Well done Cetus!!!

Non-heated build plate? If printing direct on to the plate you’ll need a raft. I have a 3mm glass on top of it, so I can print without a raft.

I don’t use a raft with the heated bed, but I put painters tape on the perforated sheet otherwise I would be there for hours trying to get the print off the sheet. Anyone used glass on top of the sheet?

Replace the perforated sheet with glass. Done.