Raft Changes in New Software Update

After being prompted to update UpStudio this morning, my rafts are not the same and are almost impossible to remove from the model.

Did something change in the software that made the automatic raft design more dense?

On that subject, the Support Editor is not exactly intuitive, and I’m not sure how to alter the raft to make it less impossible to remove.


Rafts are the same in the latest update (v2.6) as per the previous v2.5. However the only difference is the extra margin on the raft where it is smaller in overall footprint in the latest version of the software.

If you’re having problems removing parts from the raft, choose East to peel in the print options and make sure Stable Support is off, they could be having a bit if an impact if support is difficult to remove.

Ok I’ll check this. Perhaps these settings changed during the update from what I had originally chosen. I hope this helps because it’s like a completely different outcome than before the update.