Purge Line printed in middle of print

Why has the UP300 started to put the purge line through the middle of the print?
I have tried to print the same part 4 times and this has happened every time. I have tried moving the part around the bed but the purge line still is through the middle of the part.

Is there a way to change the location of the purge line?

See images below.

Would you share the stl file?
We suspect the circle is not the first layer but the small strcuture marked below.
so the circle was ignored and only avoided the small path.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting back to me, I unfortunately can’t share the stl file as it is for work.

Would printing it on a raft counter this issue?

Print a with raft should avoid this, again check the first layer with preview, see if any abnormal paths are there.