"Processed Order" disappeared from account.


I ordered a cetus in backorder from UK, and as of yesterday it mentioned it had been processed, as of this morning, my account shows no orders (I notticed the new storefront goes along with that, maybe some database link has broken?)

I have the same issue. My order is gone!

Same issue here, any news ?

In case this can help you.
I’ve asked on a blog post comment about this, and a guy called Jason Wu (which seems to work for cetus3d or tiertime) told me that the old website is at: https://wwww.cetus3d.com (note the 4 ‘w’).
It is indeed there, and I can see my order. Still in “processed” though :frowning:


Still having the issue, will be this solved? Because the support team doesn’t answer to my requests

Any idea when the printer backorders in the UK will be shipped? I have received a heated build plat from somewhere but nothing else.


We shipped all UK stock back orders already, anyone have not receive their order please contact support@cetus3d.com