Problems with Up Box+

I’ve had my Up Box+ for 4 months now and thanks to the new Up Studio 3 I am able to print most materials reasonably well.
The problems I am having are first when I use the 0.2mm nozzle, the printer prints the first layer before printing the primer line and then goes back to printing. This is a problem unless I preheat everything before starting the print as well as a waste of the prime line since it should happen first.
I thought it was a new problem with the printer, but when I changed back to a 0.4mm nozzle it printed correctly. I upgraded the software to version 3.12 and now the print icon is always greyed out and the only way to print is by saving the task file and loading it directly to Wand. Is anyone else having these problems and what can I do about it?
I’ve put in a ticket, but thought I’d post here also.

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Yes, but not the same problem. Some of icon are grayed out and I can’t access “Maintenance” to change filament