Problems with round prints


I’m having an issue with printing rounded circular parts. They don’t come out right. Other prints and non-round features on the same print seem to come out without issue. Any idea about what could be causing this? I’m relatively new to 3D printing and my cetus mkii is my first 3d printer. The images show the crooked rounded holes in a print as well as some screw posts that seem to have layer separation. This is pretty typical of any print I do. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

crooked rounded features
Bad screw posts

make sure your belt connection is tight. My Y axis loosen after time. Holes on the printed part was strip, I had to reprint the part using PETG

100% a loose belt which causes backlash. Check x or y axis drive belt (depends how your print was orientated)

I am having the same problem and I am constantly tweeking the attachment screws. I plan to print a replacement from Polymax PC-MAX which is extremely strong. Can you publish a summary of how to replace the belt connection piece? Also what file did you use for the replacement part? None of the files posted match the appearance of my Y-belt connector.