Problems with making the raft


i have a problem when I starting a new print job the nozzle will make a collision by making the second layer off the raft.if this happens the starting point has been moved. Before I start printing, I first do a calibration of the bed. and I also changed the distance of the nozzle height.I wonder if there is a default setting. and I have the idea that as soon as the print head moves it should not have a freewheel distance? is this right??

Greetings Bert

Hello, I hade the same problem with my up300.
Solution was to reset all parameters in UPStudio3 to default (UP Studio 3 - Preferences - Reset Settings: Reset).
After that it worked fine.

Note: Raft infill mode, Profile mode is for Tiertime printer only, the raft is generated by printer. The pattern is not visible at this stage. The hatch and offset are for non-Tiertime printer, Tiertime machines cannot use these 2 types.