Problem with sphere models

I have problem with sphere models. What am I doing wrong? Or is it problem with printer?

On the picture is bottom size of sphere model, printed with support, raft on/off does not have effect on this problem.



There are a few reports on similar issues (me included) where a curved top surface leaves gabs, as if it's under extruding. I used the standard PLA settings on the standard Cetus 3d software as well. Check the thread named Slicer Issue.

It would be nice if devs would give us some updates about that ^^

Print the wolf standing up and the problem will be gone. You dont have enough layer resolution for the extreme curve. Print orietation is very important part of the learning curve for 3D printing.

I agree you should change the print orientation.

Also, if you increase the infill density and the number of top/bottom layers, that somes times can help the issue you are seeing.

It can not be printed feet down, because of layer strength - feet will be very fragile.

I thing, that the problem is with under extrusion, but top side of model (sphere) is acceptable. 

Honestly, Anyone who's been printing for awhile will not print that model laying down, it's just not the right way to get the best resolution. Even if it's not under extrudeing I guarantee it will come out exactly the same because printing a cclinder laying down will not come out as nice as standing up. If you're worry about layeradhesion and strength, then bump up the temp a bit.