Privacy - who has what data of mine?

I just quickly took a look at who upstudio.exe (v2.5.32.461) talks to when slicing a part.

That list of external actors is quite long, how does Tiertime ensure they’re compliant with GDPR?

(If anyone else care to look at different versions, then try Microsoft Message Analyzer Create a filter for process name and group the list by destinations for a easy overview)

When talking about GDPR and China all you can say is…lol

Well, they have local vendors selling the product in the EU so they can lol all they want but if they don’t comply then they’ll have to stop selling them in the EU.

If people import from china directly then its different yes. I bought mine in the EU, after GDPR, but thats becoming a moot point as its being returned shortly. Question is do I get a new one or not…

If you think the EU has any jurisdiction over a Chinese company or the ability to enforce their rules on them then you’re a little clueless…

You’re missing the point; the businesses who import and sell Tiertime will be subject to the rules.

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The dumb EU seems determined to destroy what little they have left of their economy haha…

I’m sure you can find another part of the internett to troll, but thanks for stopping by.

It’s not trolling when it’s the truth…

I thought missing the whole point of OP and resorting to name calling was the definition of trolling, but aparently I’m clueless so what do I know… :man_shrugging:


You’ve got that utterly the wrong way round. Companies who’s products don’t comply with GDPR are destroying their market share withing the EU. The EU doesn’t care which country a customer buys from, it’ll earn its sales tax either way. The manufacturer on the other hand does care which product the customer buys. Their sales could drop to zero in a fairly significant market…

In this case I would think that for some business users, having their models potentially exposed to 3rd parties would be a bigger issue than not being compliant, for others they may not be able to use Tiertime printers in producing parts on behalf of their customers.

I understand why there is no response from Tiertime, but would certainly be interesting to see if there are users who actually have an issue with this.

@owensparks did you say in a different thread way back when that you received some information from Tiertime about what needed to be open in a firewall to make UP Studio work at the time, or was that someone else? Currently it seems like once installed and activated UpStudio and the printer will work completely isolated, so there is always the option of doing that, for now.

Hi, yes that was me.

In my other printing software (Eiger for Markforged machines) the user has the option to use the cloud slicer, or to do a local install install of the software should data be sensitive. I believe somewhere I logged into a TT website and saw all my models, even though it’s local software…

So no information on what firewall rules were the minimum for using up studio?

Might have a play with deactivating and activating the printer and see what can be blocked and what needs to be open before printer goes back.

Hi, sorry, looking at my white-list we have:-

I think that is all related to printing.
Cheers, Owen S.

Oh they really do, hence why they set up tariff walls…

Yes, good point. (Though most places follow the same practices. Have you tried getting stuff into China?!!)

Let me rephrase.

If a customer wants a printer then they’ll buy a printer. If the first one they want isn’t available they’ll buy something else.

If country A doesn’t comply with GDPR then their products will be banned and the customer will instead buy from country B.

The EU get’s tax either way. The customer still gets a printer. The only loser in this scenario is the vendor in country A that didn’t comply with GDPR has lost 100% of their revenue in the markets they broke the law in.

In fact it doesn’t nee to be countries it could just be companies within the same country.

Owen S.

Tiertime clearly isn’t complying with GDPR and there must be literally tens of thousands of others in every sector… Are their products banned…?No! it’s just another set of dumb BS EU “rules” that aren’t enforceable in the real world…

I presume you have a relevant point to my question in there somewhere?

Of course its enforceable, in the sense that every vendor who has sold non-compliant products after GDPR will have to unconditionally accept products being returned for a full refund.

IF consumers started doing that, vendors would simply stop selling the products. That was my plan-b for getting the defective printer returned…

Haha this is so funny, you Europeans live in a Dreamland, one that is falling apart around you…open your eyes people.

I care about my rights to privacy, I don’t want Tiertime to index my buttplug collection - you may have another view thats fine.

I can do something about it for myself, no problem. Do I think its right to quietly add some firewall rules to my network and let Tiertime profit of selling your data and statistics, no. Do I think its actually likely to change, no - not unless the end user cares, but if they don’t know…