Prints not square

It looks like my prints aren't square.  I'm not talking vertically but along the forward-back, left-right, dimensions.  Imagine printing a square but it comes out just a little trapezoidal.  What needs to be done to correct this kind of issue?  Thanks.

Hello metaka,

you can refer to this post:

do a XY calibration will improve the squareness.

I have just performed the calibration mentioned but the software will not retain the settings.  The calibration screen says 124.0, 124.0 so I change it to 123.5, 125.0 and click confirm.  Upon re-opening the calibration settings it has reverted back to 124.0, 124.0.

...and now it's printing even more crooked than ever, yet it still says 124.0, 124.0.  My attempted calibration made it worse.  Help!

Hello Metaka?

The value 124 is default value, which is always displayed. After you enter your value, save it and reopen the interface, the it will still display 124 but the actually value you save should be effective. Make sure what you are measuring is the diagonals and do not remove the print when measuring the distance.