Printing with Silk PLA by tirdparty manufacturer

I bought on AliExpress (this is not a commercial) 250g of each of 2 different Silk PLA filaments one of silk blue and the other one of changing colors bronze (the manufacturer is: 3D MaLiang - Shenzhen Laishixing Technology Co. LTD), when I tried to print this Darth Buddah NEW scaled 0.8 down, the printer is getting through a few layers (8-9) of my print and then the nozzle gets clogged, I hear the ticking sounds of the stacked cord of filament in the printer’s head, I need to retract the filament and cut the frayed gear marked the end and extrude it for another try.

When I replaced this silk filament with a regular one I noticed that the string of the silk one came from a nozzle much thicker and less flexible. I tried all the temperatures from 190 to 270, but with no success.
What will the optimal conditions for this kind of material use?
Did anybody manage to print with this kind of filament? What I’m missing here?

I found a similar question on this forum, but I see it’s been left unanswered since 2019.
“Can third party filaments be used on a Mini 2 ES?” - unfortunately limited only for 2 links in a post

I use Mini 2 since last 4 years and tried to print PLE of PETG several times. All trials were 100% failures. My conclusion ? Mini 2/2ES is GOOD FOR ABS, ONLY !!!

Hi Stingray

I’ve tried printing with Silky PLA, using the X5. Seems like the Extruder arrangement is getting way too hot for the Material, which would require better cooling of the extruder gear arrangement prior to it entering the Hot End.
Due to the nature of the Silky material, it will get Jammed into the Extruder stepper motor and throw off your entire Extrusion mechanism.
Personally I would think there needs to be a cooling fan attached to the Print head to cool down the Extruder.