Printing with Raft = sticks to models

dinopio 2017-2-8 16:19 edit

Hi there,

I love my new Cetus3D printer.

I have tested all nozzles to find the its is extremely difficult to remove the raft without damaging the model.

Is there a way to optimize the raft automatically based on the model ?

Has anyone else had this issue?

See a Death Star I printed how the bottom comes out when raft is removed


Youre printing too hot. Do not use the default 210c. your model will come out more accurately with less to no drooping also. I only use 194c and it comes out perfectly with not sticking to the raft or supports. attaches are tests that I've done for temp. A bridge anf sharp tip test. If it's running to hot the bridge will be droopy and the tip of the cone will be warped.also you can see the bottom of the cone came away from the raft fine. I can even bumo up the emo a bit to help the bottom juut even better. Also look at the raft itself. The briding lines are perfeclt straight and not droopy, which indicates the temp is good.


Interesting, I have the same issue, I'll try printing at a lower temperature.