Printing with Ninjaflex

Has anyone tried printing with Ninjaflex yet? Any recommendations on settings? Should we use something other than the standard 4mm nozzle? 

I tried TPU with no much success. Tried .6 and .4 and it just kept going all stringy... Also tried adjeust temperatures up and down. if you ger some success i'd be interested..

I was able to successfully print with Polyflex TPU using the 0.4mm nozzle. The best prints were printed at the "fine" setting, which is slow as you can get it using the Cetus software.

Did you have any luck with ninjaflex?

Haven't tried it yet. The printer has been busy printing some stuff for the wife. I think that's done now so hopefully I'll try it this week.

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I was able to successfully print with Polyflex TPU using the 0.4mm nozzle. The best prints were prin …[/quote]

what temperature? did u use?

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what temperature? did u use?[/quote]

I believe I used 230 degrees, although, I have been considering testing with a lower temp.

I have been printing Ninjaflex today. First I tried 'fine' with 0.1mm though that didn't hold. Some layers/ lines did already not stick together on the raft so I stopped the print. I ended up printing with 0.2 mm layers, temperature 235 and 'Fine' quality with success.  I did print a 'round bottle like thing with at some point an edge of 45 degrees'. That worked out fine though may not have been the hardest. But... Cetus3D did it. I love the printer;-) 

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To be complete: I printed the Ninjaflex with the .4 nozzel.

can you post some picture please!! it will be awsome!

thanks a lot

Anyone have any luck printing with NinjaFlex? I just ordered a sample and will be trying it myself soon, but was hoping others already had some success!

dirtydaverj 2017-3-2 00:40 edit

Cyberhugger, here are some prints I did last night. Just got a thing of Ziro TPU in the mail. I ordered this off of Amazon with no idea how good it is. It came with a sealable, plastic bag for when not in use (I assume for moisture). 1st print was at normal speeds and had really bad separation.  2nd was at "Fine" with much bettere results. I did two separate prints of a cube and then tried a shower drain plug that had some tear and gaps in it and didn't hold the water out well. Infill for all three was 20%.  The rafts require patience to get off cleanly and as you can see on the underside of my drain plug the supports are also a struggle to which I gave up after a while.