Printing with Mac

We are using an older iMac (2009) and OS 10.11.6.

What worked: Install software from the app store, use lkd activation file v. 2602.
Install with printer off, activate with printer off, then turn printer on calibrate and print. (you will have previously updated the touchscreen software of the printer, by loading it onto a flash drive- we used

-note that the under the account menu the activation status is absent.

What didn’t work; software download and install from tiertime website, literal follow of email support exchange, its more of a guide, or treasure map. We asked pretty specific questions, but got pretty stock responses. It wasn’t unhelpful, but it could have been more on point. Following the tiertime guide we got stuck in a loop of software activate but error messages from the UP Studio when we tried to print

Data transfer failure-

Error: verification failed- which was strange since the UP studio indicated we were ‘activated’

Thanks for sharing this, the Mac UP Studio, is not supported very well, will improve in future.