Printing vertically straight(90 degrees) object


Has anyone been able to print a vertically, perfectly straight

model with this printer ??

If yes, may i know your calibration settings and may i please see the 

picture of the model ?? 

Model that is atleast 9cm or more


jene 2017-6-9 09:36 edit

hello, eos.

is your printer not good?

do you want to know whether individual difference or not ?

if you want to see more examples,  I recommend that you see Instagram of cetus3D

I have made the vacuum cleaner head.

this height is 120 mm.  I think it is good print.

if I remember right, the setting is 0.4mm nozzle , 0.2mm layer , and default preference.

excuse me, I have never printed objects bigger than this.



thank you seeing.

I'm not a engineer. I can't solve the problem of your printer though.

but, I hope that it becomes good condition of your printer.