Printing speed + others

patrikwrosen 2017-5-9 10:44 edit


Can I adjust printing speed, retraction settings in some way?
Just got my two Extended installed and up and running! But it feels like this printer could crank out faster speeds than the default

Also, are there any idea to open up for OctoPrint, or at least supoprt import of gCodes from S3D for example? 

And how do I use two printers connected to my PC?

Best Regards Patrik

In Cetus Studio, you can choose between Normal/Fine/Fast. That affects the speed.

If you want control over retraction settings, etc, you'll need to use S3D, Cura, etc. Instructions for how to do that can be found on this forum.

To connect w/ multiple printers, just click on the gear icon in the upper right to select your active printer. You can also configured them for WiFi so you don't have to swap cables around to connect w/ different printers.

Thank you cmeyer! 

I found/figured out the speed settings! 
I've looked through the instructions on the forums but it looks like a WIP atm, and not a supported way, correct? 

I'll have another look at it I guess! 

Best Regards Patrik

Running gcode on the printer is definitely a more advanced topic and requires more care to avoid damaging your print bed.