Printing problems at different heights

Hello, I own Cetus 3d MK2 without mods witch worked great. After some time I got weird set of problems, let me explain what I get:

  1. Raft is printed in a perfect condition.
  2. A layer before the main object print is printed with printer ticking/clogging/hammering sounds, with feeder having a trouble feeding the filament
  3. The print is printed same as detailed as before but without ticking/clogging/hammering sounds. However, the layer thickness is smaller than desired.
    My settings
    Thickness: 0.5
    Width: 0.2
    Nozzle diameter: 0.4
    Quality: normal
    Temp: around 225
    Easy to peel
    I have tried cleaning the nozzle, aligning the bed, changing temperatures, different models, sample models, different filaments, making sure filament is rotating freely.
    By the way, Upstudio 2 did not take temperature changes well - it was crashing quite a lot. I solved it by making new profiles.
    Please take a look below
    - YouTube

Any advice is welcome.