Printing on the edge


I wanted to print something big, but I can't print near the edges, this is what happens:

Any advice?

Looks like you are scraping the bed or at the least too close to print, causing the extruder to cick. You should probably level your bed more/more accurately, set the offsets and such for each point so you don't scratch your build plate.

I tried to check yesterday, but I'm not sure how to do that properly, I should lower and look at the same time, and stop when it touches?

Easy thing to try is to add an offset at the nozzle offset option. maybe try a -.10, then -.2 etc...until it's not too close at teh edges but still stick well in the middle.

Well, the thing is I can't offset for the whole bed, as all my prints, when in the center, are actually fine.
I'll try anyway and see how it goes :)

Did you perform the 9 point calibration? In theory that's supposed to compensate for a bed that isn't quite level or flat.

No I didn't, I had no idea how to do that. I just found that video:

I guess I'll try this evening.

9 points calibration wont work on a fixed bed, since you won be able to adjust the 4 corners of the bed independantly. What wome people are ddoing, if you find one side is high or lower than teh other, they will put a piece of paper underneath the plate where the 3 bolts attaches then bolt it bak on to slighly lift one side.

I think Cetus sould include bed lelveing compenstion in the software.