Printing Carbon Fibre PETG and carbon fibre Nylon

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I’m new to this forum so please forgive rookies errors.

I am looking to set up a small print farm using Cetus MK3 printers, i really like the compact size, wifi connectivity and, judging by the feedback that i read, reliable high quality prints. Does anyone have any experiance printing carbon fibre PETG or carbon fibre Nylon, with, or with out a heated bed. Also we are used to using Olsen ruby nozzles on our other printers, is there any similar solutions for the Cetus MK3?
We are a design studio and engineering centre and we are already looking at engineering modified beds with thumb screw levelling and flexible magnetic build plates, but that’s for another discussion!
We are really looking forwrd to getting involved in this community and hope that we can put in as much as we get out.
looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

The Cetus MK3 should able to print the material with no problem, you should get the deluxe version so that you have a heated bed for those with higher shrinkage. It can use steel/ruby nozzles with its v2 hotend.
Just the open form of the machine may not give good result for large parts of nylon, so prepare to give it an enclosure.

@francozola1972 , Greetings. I have several years experience using the Cetus MKII. I’m running a stock Cetus3D standard, but have designed and installed many mods improving the backbone, z-axis and y-axis structural components, allowing for faster(100+ mms/sec) and more accurate prints.

I’m running Colorfabb XT-CF20 carbon fibre, NinjaTek Cheetah, NinjaTek Armadillo and eSun PLA+ for general prototyping. Other than the obvious extra nozzle-wear printing with carbon-fibre, I have found the Cetus3D prints these exotic filaments like a champ without a heated-bed. I’m printing these filaments on optical mirrors, no rafts and zero z-axis offset.

If I were to run a 3D print service again, I would definitely be running Cetus3D printers in the farm.

Hope this helps you!

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