Printing button not active

After updating to upstudio 3.1.2 I can’t print from upstudio because the print button is not active. The only way to print is go to upstudio folder with exlorer and start wand manually. I need to generate tsk and save it. I can than start printing with “print” option direct from the wand. this is stupid . Does anyone have this problem ? Better solutions?

Hi, i have an UPMini1 on usb on Windows 10.
Wand starts when i start UP Studio. Wand detects my printer but because Wand is started after Studio it doesnt recognize it.
You have to select(refresh) the studio printers, and then select the newly detected one.

Thanks!! It worked!! In the top left corner up300 was selected. But my up300 was in the list as a number… I selected the “number” and I can print now.